Frequently Asked Questions

What are your sources of funding for your projects? open close

Our own resources and resources from Mexican pension funds through Deltack.

In which areas do you prefer to invest? open close

The biggest experience of Delta Developments is within Monterrey Metropolitan Area, although we can expand within the national territory.

We are currently looking for plots of land more than +3,000 M" in Obispado, Mitras, Monterrey downtown and San Jeronimo zones.

What are the payment schemes for apartments? Can you opt for a mortgage? open close

- Between 5% and 10% of downpayment at the time of signing the offer.

- Between 10% and 15% in monthly installments and the remainder upon the execution of the deed.

Mortgage loans and Infonavit (housing fund) credit can be used or the parties can agree on a personalized payment method.

Do the projects have any certification? open close

Yes, as of 2020 our projects have the EDGE Certification (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiency).

Just as you offer your services to large developments, is it the same for private owners? open close

Yes, the same professionalism that we follow on institutional projects, we offer it to private or personal projects and always strive to solve all your needs.

As part of your commercial scope do you have an appraisal service? open close

Yes, in Soluciones Delta we offer the service of appraisals prepared by our professional team of certified appraisers.

Does Delta Group provide residential real estate operation service? open close

No. Our defined strategy is that our clients for real estate operation service have to be institutional. The Family Office is for mixed-use projects such as commercial, corporate and industrial.

Do you sell properties that are not from Grupo Delta? open close

Yes, to learn more about it, contact us through Soluciones Delta or go to our Marketplace.

Can I have access to the complete reports of the different real estate uses of Delta Services? open close

Yes, to do so you must contact our Business Intelligence team and they will provide you with more information, or you can leave your contact details at the contact section and we will get in touch to help you with your inquiry.

Do the full reports of the different real etate uses of Delta Services have a cost? open close

Yes. If you are interested in a document or require more information, contact us or leave us your data to reach you.

Do Business Intelligence consulting services works with all real estate uses? open close

Yes. Our consulting services are focused on all uses; from housing, commerce, corporate and industrial.

How much does it cost to hire Soluciones Delta operation services? open close

Each project is unique, we analyze it and with the support of our Business Intelligence team we create a customized solution. 

How much experience do you have operating real estate properties? open close

We are experts in operating and managing real estate, we have been serving the national market for more than 25 years.

Where does Grupo Delta have investment opportunities? open close

Grupo Delta has investments both in Mexico and the United States.

If I am interested in investing in any of Grupo Delta’s investment programs, what do I have to do? open close

We have investment projects in both Mexico and the United States that help you  diversify currency and maximize return on your investment. If you want more information, contact us and we will gladly assist you.

If I have a plot of land or need capital for a real estate project, what do I have to do? open close

We have different investment vehicles and contracting and partnership schemes that we make available to you to make your project a reality. If you want more information, contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Are the investments managed by Inversiones Delta short, mid or long term? open close

We have investment projects that can last from 3 to 10 years.

What is a CKD? open close

CKD’s (Development Capital Certificates) are investment instruments created by the Mexican Stock Market (BMV) intended to promote infrastructure, business and private capital projects.

Since when is Deltack trading in the Mexican Stock Market? open close

Deltack is a real estate CKD and had its first issue in September 2018 for a maximum amount of $ 2,354 million pesos.

What types of projects does Deltack invest in? open close

In residential projects (vertical and horizontal), industrial and mixed uses.

Does Deltack develop its own projects? open close

Deltack partners with well-known developers in the market to invest in real estate projects.

What are DDelta REI’s investment strategies? open close

DDeltaREI has two main investment strategies: Development (land acquisition, project development, stabilization and sale) and acquisition (of a completed project, remodeling, stabilization and sale).

What types of projects does DDelta REI invest in? open close

DDelta REI has invested mainly in multi-family rental housing projects.

Does DDelta REI develop its own projects? open close

DDelta REI partners with renowned developers in the market to invest in real estate projects.

What are Triple Net assets? open close

The term of American origin, refers to a rental condition where the tenant is responsible for the payment of: Maintenance (1), insurance (2) and property taxes (3).

What type of tenants does 3N Strategies have? open close

The Assets sought are those with tenants of brands well-known in the market that have a good credit rating.

What kind of assets does 3N Strategies have? open close

Single-tenant commercial assets are acquired, mainly in high traffic locations, such as pharmacies, convenience stores, cafeterias, bank branches, among other.