Master Plan Distrito Domo

Distrito Domo

New Urbanism focuses on restoring the urban quality that has been lost. This is still reflected in cities where community life is promoted, where you can walk back and forth without the need of a car. With Intelligent Urbanism, each place is designed thinking on improving the quality of life. Here, modern architecture and natural spaces coexist without affecting the native flora of the place. We take advantage of the benefits of nature optimizing natural resources. These intangible details with open spaces in harmony with the environment bring tangible benefits to all residents.

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Torre Caliza

We reinvented the way of viewing the city with a fresh, intelligent project based on what you like. A project that will transform the area and become the new icon of Santa Catarina. Your home. 4 exclusive towers for living to enjoy your days surrounded by green spaces and go out to the park or walk around. 

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    Avenida Manuel Ordoñez, El Lechugal. CP. 66376 Santa Catarina, NL.

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    • Security
    • Grill area
    • Terraces
    • Green Spaces
    • Recreational Areas
    • Banquet Hall 
    • Restaurants and Services on the Ground Floor
Torre Caliza

Torre Caliza

A practical and functional commercial plant where the residents and their visitors will make use of everything that you and your neighboring businesses will offer. Premises designed to maintain a constant and dynamic influx.  It is a vibrant and active tenant community.

31 Commercial Spaces from 35 m2 to 190 m2.

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    Avenida Manuel Ordoñez, El Lechugal. CP. 66376 Santa Catarina, NL.

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    31 Units

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    •  Security
    •  Grill area
    •  Terraces
    •  Green Spaces
    •  Recreational Areas
    •  Banquet  Hall
    •  Restaurants and Services on the Ground Floor
Torre Caliza


The apartments in Caliza are distributed thinking that your home is a space to receive guests, enjoy TV marathons or relax cooking. Well planned spaces for living at ease. Apartments of 2 and 3 bedrooms from 60 m2 to 95 m2.


Get home quickly or head out smoothly to work or the office with the motorways that lead to Caliza. Live in the heart of the city and be part of a project that will demonstrate that a new way of living is possible.

Green Spaces

In Distrito Domo there are 7,900 m2 of green space, which means enjoying evenings of games with the family, spaces to run, jog and exercise outdoors and even  celebrate with friends and pet. We are regenerating an urban area to turn it into another lung for the city.

We fit it out for you with:

  • Porcelain floor
  • Paint ceilings and walls
  • Main door
  • Interior doors
  • Bathrooms (toilet and sink) 
  • Lighting and electrical outlets